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As a leader of Land & Right of Way Acquisition in the Energy Industry, Pinnacle Energy Field Services Inc. is always taking a forward looking approach to our clients’ projects. Our goal is to go above and beyond what is required in the Land & Right of Way side of the energy business by exercising superior customer service, sustained landowner relationships & attention to detail. We strive to create and promote a professional work environment in order to harbor longstanding employees and to be good neighbors to those in the various areas that we do business.
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Electric/Utility Right of Way

From title research to land acquisitions, Pinnacle Energy is able to support any phase of your project, from conception to completion

Pipeline Right of Way

For all surface solutions, from initial line locations through land and right of way acquisition, Pinnacle has performed and coordinated all pipeline services.

Public Sector Services

We offer a full range of services to the public sector, from transportation departments to airport expansion programs. Contact us for details.

Specialized Field Services

In addition to Coordinated Land and Right of Way Services, Pinnacle Energy furnishes specialized field services in related areas of activity. Included among these are coordinating and assisting other entities in locating their facilities within the utility corridor or on existing structures.

Natural Resources Leasing

We offer a wide range of oil & gas leasing services from lease checking & take offs to title work & oil, gas, & mineral acquisitions. Our team of highly experienced Landmen & ROW Agents have the dedication and knowledge needed to get the job done correctly the first time.

GIS Services

Geographic Information Systems are fast becoming a necessity in the Oil & Natural Gas industries. Pinnacle is proud to offer full GIS services to our clients in order to provide better cost saving, more efficient decision making, improved communication and organized data streams to make your project more fluid.

Midstream and Transmission

Pinnacle Energy offers a complete range of services for our customers, from gathering, transmission, and storage. Pinnacle Energy can accommodate any size project. We have extensive experience with Midstream and Transmission and our knowledgeable team can help with all aspects of your project.

Drone Assessment Program

Our Drone Damage Assessment program is capable of reaching affected areas that are inaccessible for manned operators to determine severity of damages. Additionally using a drone can drastically reduce down time and shorten the time it takes to fully evaluate a damaged area.

Packaged Solutions

We offer customizable service packages that fit your unique needs. Contact us and we will use our experience and resources to draft a solution specifically for you.

Get to know us

Pinnacle Energy is a right of way company providing a complete range of right of way support services to the private and public sectors.

We are able to support any project from conception to completion.